How can I sign up for Roost Renters Insurance?

Roost Renters Insurance is available through a select group of property management companies. Log in to your online tenant portal or check with your property manager to see if Roost Renters Insurance is available to you.

What does Roost Renters Insurance cover?

Roost Renters Insurance covers your personal property (including laptops, furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes, bikes, etc.) if they're damaged or stolen.

Roost Renters Insurance covers items lost or damaged in events such as:*

  • Weather related: Fire, wind, snow, hail, lightning, freezing, ice
  • Non-Weather related: theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, water backup of sewer and drains
  • Earthquake coverage in California

*Coverage varies by state

How much does Roost Renters Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance will depend on the amount of coverage you desire for your personal belongings, as well as your location. For your convenience, we offer both monthly and annual payment plans.

Are my roommates covered under my Roost Renters Insurance policy?

You can easily add your roommates to your coverage policy.

Does Roost cover my liability?

Absolutely! Roost Renters Insurance includes liability coverage for the property up to $100,000. Liability coverage is an important way renters can protect themselves in cases of negligent damage to the property or injury to others. It's even commonplace for many property managers to require renters carry a form of liability coverage.

If my belongings are damaged or destroyed, how much will my policy give me to replace them?

Roost Renters Insurance policies provide you with Replacement Cost Value (RCV), meaning your policy will pay the cost to replace your items with new ones. Many other renters insurance policies will provide only Actual Cash Value (ACV), which pays you the current value of your items. Often with ACV you can fall short of what it actually costs to replace your items.

In the event of damage to my home, will Roost help me with temporary relocation costs?

Yes, Roost Renters Insurance provides coverage of additional living expenses as a result of a covered loss. This coverage is important if you need to live in a temporary location due to damage to your home.

What about my landlord's insurance, won't that cover me?

While your landlord typically carries insurance that will cover your building, it does not provide coverage for your personal belongings.

What happens to my Roost policy if I move?

Don't worry, most of our policies can be transferred to your new home. Please contact us before you move to find out if your policy is able to be transferred.

Who is Millennial Specialty Insurance (MSI)?

Roost Renters Insurance policies are serviced by Millennial Specialty Insurance, LLC (doing business in California as Millennial Insurance Agency, LLC), a leading provider of HO4 renters insurance products for the multi-family housing market. Roost Renters Insurance policyholders will see their payments appear as "MSI Renters Insurance" on their credit card statements.

How can I file a claim?

You can easily file a claim online here or over the phone by calling (844) 788-0877 to speak with a licensed insurance representative from our partner Millennial Specialty Insurance.

How can I cancel my policy?

Your policy can be cancelled at any time by contacting a licensed insurance representative from our partner Millennial Specialty Insurance at customerservice@msimga.com or by phone at (844) 788-0877.

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